Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chomping at the Bit

We at Salvagetti are dying to ride. We feel pain in our bones that aches through to our hearts. We know summer is coming, but riding through the winter makes all the cold blues go away. Makes them (oh lord don't say it...) melt.

We at Salvagetti want warmth, and this winter has changed our definition of warmth. We want 40 degree weather or I'd even take some 38 degree days, but this 37 days (so far) of cold and snow and ice has lost its luster. Yes, it was nice a few days this week, but there is still ice on 11th and 12th that makes riding it border line stupid. We've had to ride it, but it doesn't make it okay.

We at Salvagetti want you to think warm with us. Ready???
- Cold beer sounds delicious
- Smell of sun tan oil is not good, but reminds you of warm days
- Plant that garden with lots of squash

We thank you! See you soon.


Cory Grunk said...

No kidding. Make it stop.

Matt said...

I'm going to pay a visit to Denver Feb. 9 & 10. I'm planning on bringing my bike so I can spend some time up close and personal with downtown Denver, any word on how the weather will be next week? I really, really want to get a sense of riding in Denver since I may be moving there. I'll build a shrine for sun and warmth tonight.

Cellarrat said...

You should be pretty good to go... Was 57 today =)

If you wanna ride around let me know

shoot an email