Friday, January 05, 2007

Bringing it all back home

We have had a guilty conscience for not having a great selection of steel bicycles for sale here. So, we started researching companies and steel bikes in general. Steel is such a great material for bikes, you have to wonder why companies went elsewhere. People follow what the latest trend is.

But, our customers are different. They expect us to provide an experience with cycling. And that is why we have decided to bring in Jamis bicycles ( Jamis is one of the last big cycling companies to still be individually owned. When you start researching companies that seem to be independant (Gary Fisher is an obvious example), you will find that they are owned by Trek. (Trek also owns Bontrager, Rolf, Lemond, and Klein (all last names...)). The small company gets to refine its product to specific people. We think they made their bikes for Denver.

Soon enough, we will detail all the bikes we are bringing in on our website. Almost all of them are steel. All of them are cool.

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