Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shop Dog, Shop Dog, Shop Dog

We are getting a shop dog!

Her name is Myra. She is a vizsla. Today she is 48 days old. That means we still have a few days before we can get her and then a few more days before we have her in the shop. Then, she will be there almost every single day we are open. Please come by and say hello to her when you get a chance.

When she is full grown, she will be about 45 lbs and tough as nails, except she will also be sweet. She will be able to ride a bike by the time she is 1 year old and we will be entering her in cross country races (most likely the Winter Park Series) by the time she is 1 and a half. She has to earn her keep if she wants to get free bike stuff for life.

1 comment:

Cellarrat said...

Gonna have even more trubble keeping me away from the shop now!