Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Go Bike Go!

Yesterday, Scott and Chris went to Elk Meadow for some easy-fast-fun riding. The trail was perfect on the way in, with exception to the gentlemen who were *killing us* by going slowly up the climbs. The singletrack through the trees reminded me of times when I have been in a car with someone who was going too fast for conditions. Except that Chris was whooping it up loudly and Scott was smiling ear to ear, far from hanging on for dear life. Scott endo'd when he saw a "huge red fox", but otherwise, no good crashes to speak of. The whole time, rain was trying its best to fall, but to no avail. Until we got to a clearing at the top of Too Long trail. The clouds unzipped and pow! Rain, followed by hail, followed by lightening. We obviously turned around since lightening is a no second chances hazard. On the way back down, we let it all hang out. We were definitely pushing on the too fast for conditions line. We made it back unscathed and soaked. It was one of the most fun rides I have been on in recent memory.

Scott's bike: Brooklyn Machine Works Park bike, fox fork, singlespeed 26"/24"
Chris's bike: Black Sheep Full Suspension Ti, Fox suspension (w/Push inside), 27 speeds

And lastly...
We are placing our very first order with Giant Bicycles today. It will be a momentus occasion for Salvagetti to receive these bikes. I have my eye on several of the 2007 mountain bikes.

Thanks for reading,

Scott T.