Friday, September 21, 2007

Movie Night2

We are going and doing it, again!

Bike In Movie Night promises to be spectacular. We have the kinks worked out, so this one will be both fun and SMOOTH... instead of fun and somewhat rough and kinky. Not, kinky exactly. Maybe, oh never mind. You understand. Ride a bicycle, motorcycle, tricycle, scooter, unicycle, monocycle, cozmocycle, helldamncycle, etc to the back of th shop at closing time and bring food to grill and consume. Bring your friends.

2 promises we make about Saturday the 22nd of July at 7pm: 1)We will play a stuffed bunny movie that will disturb you for days and 2) we will show you a great mountain bike movie while cooking food (and before the main feature). At time of this publication, I still don't even know what movies are being offered, as the winner of the last B.I.M.N. is allowed to keep it a secret until everyone knows. He has a game ready as well, so be ready yourself. This should be interesting.

Bring your friends, bring your smile. It is going to be fun.