Sunday, August 26, 2007


MOVIE NIGHT at Salvagetti!

7pm - Salvagetti closes.
7:05pm - People start trickling in.
7:10pm - Grill fired up
7:18pm - Food trickles in
7:22pm - Food goes on grill
7:26pm - Movie screen up and looking good
7:28pm - Projector working, but not really
7:38pm - Projector working, new computer here to make movies happen.
7:38pm - Nope. That didn't work either.
7:38pm - Nope. That also will not work.
7:41pm - YES! Movies will play
5 minutes earlier - food is going into stomachs. Beverages, too.
7:43pm - 1st movie is on... a cyclocross documentary. Fun!
8:00pm - The contest begins...

Teams are formed based on what movie you wish to see. 3 movies to choose from, hence 3 teams.

4 events, 1 winner:
10 pushups
Speed walk to the
12oz yummy water beverage
Speed walk to the
8 line poem that rhymes (persuading us to want to watch your movie)
Speed walk to
Your team and instruct them to sit down

Triplets of Belleville won.
8:25pm - Movie is on.

Thank you to everyone who came out. We hope to have the magic happen repeatedly. Perhaps, monthly.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moonlight Classic Moonlight Classique

I am finally recovered this morning from the Moonlight Classic. It was absolutely the most fun I've had in a while. We had Brother's BBQ and O Water sponsor us... or more over, sponsor those who would stop to say hello to us. Thanks to them, everyone (who eats meat) was full, hydrated and happy for that last gruelling mile.

We had fun whistling and cheering and smiling and laughing. And we think that we weren't alone. I never heard the official total of people coming through on bikes, but it had to be a record from what I could tell. And almost everyone was happy about it.

Anyone who wants to come out next year to help out/ feed the riders/ yell should contact us so we can be ready. I would like to bring in bleachers and perhaps a live band. OoooOOOooo...maybe a marching band. We'll do it ticker tape style.

Lastly, don't forget that we are doing a bike in movie this Saturday. "What movie?" I'm not telling. "Is it Breaking Away?" Not even on the radar.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cracked Elbow Blues

I've got the cracked elbow blues,
I have not been diagnosed,
I've got the sore arm blues,
No, I know something ain't right.

From the crash of about a month ago, I still have soreness and tenderness in the elbow. You can also, if you push in the right places (please don't touch me), find some bone chips to move around. And I can't pay a doctor to tell me what I already know. Next time I fall perhaps I shouldn't put all my weight into only one tiny sharp end of a bone.

Moving on... My plans for a personal bike this next season have me all confused. I am tempted to look at getting a new Jamis Composite Road bike for myself and pull a George Costanza by doing the opposite of what Scott would do. I've never owned a bike with full composite everything. Maybe it is time I move to the dark (composite grey) side.

But, then I see the Maverick ML8 everyday and it makes my stomach hurt to not ride it!

And then Giant goes and puts out a new bike called the Trance X0 that is going to be the *Perfect* front range bike. They didn't pull any bait and switch on this bike. It is pure evil. For those of you who have ridden a Trance, you know that the 4.2" of travel feels way bigger, probably closer to 5.5". So, I'm thinking that the X0 is going to feel like a downhill bike that can climb all day. Only riding will tell.

And then there is the other thing in the back of my mind that no one wants me to do... the ultimate bike from Black Sheep: Ti frame built up with 14 speed internal speed wheels. Sex. Dripping. Oozing. Sex.

I gotta go. Something just came up.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Buzzing pack of Carbon

A sound like no other... Carbon fibre bikes whizzing by at the highest speed the rider is capable of pushing it. The sound, and the sight, even if you don't like bikes (God help you) is mesmerizing. About an hour into the Bannock Street Crit I was convincing myself that I needed a Composite bike and that I needed to train to race. For those of you who know me, that should conjure up a grin. I'm not a racer. But that buzz made me salivate. It made me excited. It made me look again at race bikes. If any of you get a chance to visit a Criterium race, please do it. It is way more fun than any other road cycling event that I have experienced.