Sunday, August 26, 2007


MOVIE NIGHT at Salvagetti!

7pm - Salvagetti closes.
7:05pm - People start trickling in.
7:10pm - Grill fired up
7:18pm - Food trickles in
7:22pm - Food goes on grill
7:26pm - Movie screen up and looking good
7:28pm - Projector working, but not really
7:38pm - Projector working, new computer here to make movies happen.
7:38pm - Nope. That didn't work either.
7:38pm - Nope. That also will not work.
7:41pm - YES! Movies will play
5 minutes earlier - food is going into stomachs. Beverages, too.
7:43pm - 1st movie is on... a cyclocross documentary. Fun!
8:00pm - The contest begins...

Teams are formed based on what movie you wish to see. 3 movies to choose from, hence 3 teams.

4 events, 1 winner:
10 pushups
Speed walk to the
12oz yummy water beverage
Speed walk to the
8 line poem that rhymes (persuading us to want to watch your movie)
Speed walk to
Your team and instruct them to sit down

Triplets of Belleville won.
8:25pm - Movie is on.

Thank you to everyone who came out. We hope to have the magic happen repeatedly. Perhaps, monthly.

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