Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Well, it could be real. But...


I get it, I just don't really get it. My brother sent me this link and I looked all over the web and it appears as if this is a real thing. However, I feel a little offended by its assumptions and accusations.

Here goes with my re-"but..."-L's:
But, my seat doesn't actually hurt me, because my bike is set up so there isn't any pressure on my crotch, and certainly no junk ripping harness when I fall.
But, I can get going as fast as you do on your video on my mountain bike with big tires.
But, I can't lift it up into my apartment
But, where do I get parts? Tires? Service?
But, I like that bikes can go pretty much anywhere

Okay, I'd still love to ride one and see what it feels like. I'm a sucker for 2 wheels and gears.

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Tara said...

It reminds me of the IT on south park, I can't help it!