Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Feel Like an Adult Again

Phillip and I (Scott T.) just rode from the shop to Big Phil's house. Big Phil lives out at Monaco and Alemeda. It is definitely not a long haul. It was nice and pitch black, except for when a car would be lurking behind us. I mentioned that I loved when I felt like a kid on my bike, so we began a little list to define when riding feels like you are a kid (again) or when it is too serious. We came up with some ground rules for when it feels like you are a kid, and as a general rule, it seems like an adult ride when the opposite is true:

To feel like a kid:
1. You don't have to be in a car in order to ride. Examples - Races, far away mountain rides, driving to Washington Park for laps.
2. You don't know exactly where you are going. This does not have to include getting lost.
3. You aren't in a hurry.
4. You aren't in serious ride clothes (though sometimes that just happens).
5. When you don't discuss anything about the bikes you are on.

This is not to say we don't love adult style rides, but sometimes it is nice to just pedal along like school is out.
Any rules you need to add should be thrown into the comments.


Jasmine said...

one rule should be: having enough time to enjoy and observe your surroundings while riding: NO tunnel vision!

Geoffrey said...

hate to say this, since I strictly enforce the helmet rule with my own kids, but... it's riding without a helmet that really gives me this feeling.

Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop said...

Geoffrey, this is your mother. I cannot believe you just said that.

You could have said lots of booze, too, I suppose. Wink wink.

Cellarrat said...

Non space food on the ride!