Thursday, February 05, 2009

Palmer Park Spring Ride

Palmer Park Spring Ride by Scott T.

Brian and I went to Palmer Park yesterday. We met one of our friends, Scott N., who promised us a tough, but not TOO tough tour of Palmer Park.

Brian: Maverick Durance - 9 speeds
Scott: Titus Racer-X Carbon - 27speeds
Scott N.: The 'Don' McLean - Rigid 29 SS

We ended up each wrecking several times. After clearing something that I didn't think I would make, I found small rocks to stop me in my tracks. Brian and Scott both had little pedal issues that caused little problems. We had NO FACE PLANTS, which is always a plus.

At the completion, we went to The Curry Leaf in CO Springs. Highly highly highly recommended. Great after ride meal. They need to have cots for nap time after.

47 Photos right here!

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