Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Need to Point Something Out

We have a new website that is alive.

What do I mean by alive? Well, we are no longer posting our blogs here. We are posting them to our website, which is powered by WordPress. The RSS feed for all blog activity is here. However, you should definitely check out our new website.

We added a calendar and loads of pictures. Every ride we go on will be announced on Twitter (sorry if you hate Twitter, but it works so well for this purpose). All the newest posts will be on the front page of the new site. It is an exciting step for us. Plus, you can comment on pretty much everything that you would want to, including products.

Our latest ride (from yesterday) is on the new website. We even included a Google Earth file for you to see all the subtleties of the ride Phillip and I (scott t.) took.

All this, we hope, adds up to more fun for all cyclists. Thank you for reading and keep the suggestions coming!

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