Friday, March 21, 2008

Sort it out

We sold one of our better customers a nice wheelset yesterday...
We headed South out of the shop on his new-feeling-cause-it-should-be Trek...
And less than a minute later he came into the shop frantic:
He had been hit by a car at 12th Ave. It didn't come to a stop at Speer. He was okay, though getting stiffer by the moment. His bike, however, faired not so great. The new front wheel is way gone. The fork is bent.

Two sides of this coin:
Technically, he cannot ride his bike on the sidewalk.

Technically, he is on the bike path because of the construction blocking access to the bike path.

I don't know how Denver will see this one!

By the way, no tickets were given. The officer told them to "sort it out".

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Dang Gangsta (AKA Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track)

First one complete... and then he let us ride it.

I know a great bike when I feel one. And a track bike that lets me confidently try to do a stand still whiplash is fun. Not just fun, but hilariously fun. Since I have ridden the Brooklyn Gangsta Track bike, I have craved its presence at least a dozen times. It has only been a few days since we were last together. Soon enough, she'll come back to me and I will successfully completely my trick of tricks.

We are building up at least one of them complete in the next week. How do you find out how fun a bike is without riding it? Well... you really can't. But, you will have to leave us some *serious* collateral to put it between your legs.

Frame : Brooklyn Gangsta Track (LRG)
Fork: Same as frame
Cranks: Truvativ Omniums
Wheels: Mavic Ellipse
Everything else: Nice but not too nice.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This Latest Breakfast Ride

So Saturday was out of control beautiful. People came out of their homes and GOT OUT THEIR BIKES!

Even Richard, one of our customers (who works at another shop in town (WINK WINK)) rode his bike 100 miles on Saturday. He got a sunburn, too.

But then we all went to bed in the 45 degree evening with visions of Spring and Summer fun. Poof! Snow again.

I put on my snow gear at 7:15am and started on my way. The big grumpies started to come out half way to the shop because my ready-for-spring fingers were chilly (poor baby) and my face wanted a balaclava again. Turning the corner to the shop alley, I could not believe my eyes...

3 cyclists ready for a ride to get some breakfast. We all went inside and warmed up. More people showed and came in. Then some more... We finally got to 10 before we decided to leave for Snooze. Like the rock stars we should be treated like, we were rewarded for our heroics with quick seating and amazing eating. We finished up and headed back for Metropolis for some more vibration inducing beverages and ran with the day.

Thank you to the tough folks who braved the cold and snow and depression to make a great ride.