Friday, March 21, 2008

Sort it out

We sold one of our better customers a nice wheelset yesterday...
We headed South out of the shop on his new-feeling-cause-it-should-be Trek...
And less than a minute later he came into the shop frantic:
He had been hit by a car at 12th Ave. It didn't come to a stop at Speer. He was okay, though getting stiffer by the moment. His bike, however, faired not so great. The new front wheel is way gone. The fork is bent.

Two sides of this coin:
Technically, he cannot ride his bike on the sidewalk.

Technically, he is on the bike path because of the construction blocking access to the bike path.

I don't know how Denver will see this one!

By the way, no tickets were given. The officer told them to "sort it out".

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Alex SKAZAT said...

That's so lame. A ticket or a police report would at least be something to give to an insurance company, or have a court date happen.

This is to:

Glad that guy was OK, though!