Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ride in Evergreen

(by scott t.)

Several of us took off this morning to Evergreen. We don't actually know the name of the trail, but it is connected to one of Evergreen's RTD Park-n-rides. So, that is what we did. We parked. We rode.

The trails were perfect. The temperature was fantastic. And all of us needed some time in the woods.

As I was climbing, I knew in the back of my head that the pain I was feeling going up would be redeemed in a downhill of the same lines. It still didn't make it any less painful when my teeth hurt from breathing so hard. We took very infrequent breaks to that the climb would be over sooner. Then the flat/down/flat part of the trail began. Evergreen is a fun place to ride bikes. We started seeing people as we approached the 3 sisters trailhead. We turned around and explored for a bit, then started the back portion of our out and back.

It was beautiful and fun and we are gonna do it all again soon.

Here are the pictures:

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T said...

Hey that seems really fun! Will you being doing it again? I'm Down!