Saturday, July 05, 2008

BMX Track and the MTN Bike Van!!

Chris, Richard and Scott went to a BMX track at C470 and Colorado Blvd. tonight.
So fun.

Packed dirt with big huge sweeping turns makes everything right.

All of us progressively got faster and smoother. Some of us wrecked pretty hard. We aren't mentioning names, but it wasn't Richard or Scott.

So, the van is almost ready for prime time. It is licensed, registered, insured and pretty. It just needs some bike racks. This time next week that task shall be completed and we will take our inaugural Saturday morning mountain ride. No fooling around this time. The van seats 8 and holds 9 bikes. We'll email the Salvagetti email list when and where and how, but it is coming up soon.

Chris - Generic Cycles Bronx
Richard - Azonic DJ
Scott - Brooklyn Machine Works Park

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Scott said...

Hey Scott, shoot me an email or give me a call next time you do the BMX track... I think that sounds fun...