Saturday, January 05, 2008


Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop is resolving to be more of a community hub for 2008. This means more activities and some actual sponsorships for riders (and maybe racers). It means we want to have fun with Denver and be an active part of positive growth. More exactly, this means that YOU need to make suggestions of what YOU want to do with us. There is no reason why we cannot make Denver what we always want(ed). Don't be afraid... Dave suggested a Chili Cookoff (Vegan and Meaty) with a sweet prize for the winner. We want to start a weekly mountain ride. You want us to start a bicycle polo club? You want us to start serving coffee out of the shop? You want us to give more stuff away for free? Tell us... we are all ears. Speak up...


jimmyjam said...

I think you guys have already made steps toward becoming the community hub that you aspire to be — what with the Sunday breakfast ride, movie nights, etc. I love the idea of a chili cook-off (especially the vegan friendly chili cook-off) and things of that nature as well as more organized rides that emphasize fun so the more casual riders feel not only welcome but feel they won't get left behind.

It seems to me that one of the main issues is to maintain contact with the community you are building. I'd say that this is two fold: 1.) You should expand the community through awareness. When people come into the shop, provide them printed handouts that detail community outreach and your mission, offer a published calendar of upcoming events, in-store mailing list sign up, etc. 2.) Offer better communication with your current base community. Be more prolific with the email newsletter, publish the previously mentioned calendar on the website, send physical mailings of what's going on.

I'm fairly new to the Salvagetti community, but I love the sense of family that you've built. If you truly want this community to expand, then it seems to me that the main barrier you have is that people don't know that you are more than just a bike shop and that your group is not elitist. Sadly, up until last month I didn't know this. Before my enlightenment, your were just the hip local bike shop where I would come to when I need my bike repaired or when I needed/wanted something new for a bike.

Josh said...

I like the group ride idea, even though I still haven't made a Sunday morning ride. A weekday evening ride would make it easier for the non-morning folks (i.e. me) to attend. An MTB group ride sounds like a great idea, too.

Movie night is fun.

Cellarrat said...

Also think the bike swap is key maybe a spring and fall version?

The tea the other day was nice coffee usealy floats my boat =)

Maybe an mtb skills camp at green mt./ bear creek? Maybe one for the ladies?

Chris said...

what about time trial races at cheesman or wash park? winner gets a tiny prize!