Saturday, December 29, 2007


Please tell us your cycling new year's resolutions. If you do, then we'll tell you ours.


Alex SKAZAT said...

Enroll in a beginning French Class and learn basic French for a semester.

Buy plane ticket to France.

Map out Tour de France of 2008 *or* of 1981 (my birthdate).

Think about getting a fork that'll work well with front loads and one of these:

and a largish saddle bag and work on getting my touring kit to fit in both of those things.

Ride that bike on that route and then take a break in France for a week or so.

And if that falls through, do the GDR :) or at the very least the Iowa ride.

5+ months since I drove a car (and that was for moving). Keep that up.

Brian said...

I plan on riding 2000 miles this year. It has been 27 weeks since my friend Rex Patrick passed away. I figured that if a one legged guy could ride a bike, so could a fat guy. Maybe if I am diligent about the riding I will get into better shape.

I have 3 bikes now that I switch off between, I figure that I will buy at least 2 more this year.

Safe Riding

Michaela said...

Ride my bike on icy streets and skid and crash and bend my fender and get back up and continue biking instead of driving my car. This post was inspired by a true story.

MexiGreg Rides said...
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Greg said...

Move slowly & thoughtfuly. Think how my words will effect others before I speak.Participate in at least two Mountain bike races(Entered in the Leadville 50).Punch Michaela in the arm(HARD)

Josh said...

Ride more during the "off" months.
Buy that 29" SS I've always wanted.
Take that 29" SS on trails I've never ridden before.
Send my mom a picture (or two) of me riding my new 29" SS.
Help build new trails.
Enter at least one long(ish) distance mtb race.

Cellarrat said...

ride more, eat more, drink more, just more of the same


Brendan Leonard said...

Keep track of my miles. All of them.

Chris said...

quit smoking and drinking. it has been hugely successful so far. I have no desire to do either and it is great! My riding endurance has improved exponentially. It has now been exactly two years (a week ago) since the last time I drove a car too! Another few years of solid riding everyday and I will be made of steel