Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Section 16 Trails

Dave N (slowerthansnot) and I took a ride in the Springs with Chris S. (Generic Cycles) and Scottie B.

Dave and I took the FREX down in the morning and met at a coffee shop waiting for the others. Once assembled we rode across town to the mountains.

The climb today hurt more than anything I have experienced in a while, but it was completely worth the hour and a half or so of pain. Once we turned up onto the trailhead (the real one) we got to see some amazing views and do some insanely technical downhills. We all were feeling good and no one was under/over dressed. I was the first to take a dive off the bike. My front tire slipped WAY out from under me. I landed quickly and stopped even quicker. I got up and kept going.

Dave was next... He "french kissed" a rock. I didn't see it, and he isn't terribly verbose about falling. He was okay and we continued.

We rode Rick Boyer's special trail for the rest of the way down. We then played at the freeride park until we needed Chipotle.

Fun, fun, fun, fun ride. Thank you!

Dave - Blacksheep Steel Fixed Gear
Scott - Blacksheep Ti SS
Chris - Generic SS
Scott B. - Carl The Snarl SS Steel

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Cellarrat said...

Too Much Fun!!!

ended up being needed at the distillery tonight so no green mt. for dave. maybe very early morn =)

i'll shoot you a few crappy pictures in email land!