Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Xtracycle and Good news

I used the xtracycle yesterday morning to move several hundred pounds of bricks to the shop. I was carrying about 100 lbs per trip. Under that kind of load, the bike does funny things. It feels like someone sitting on the back is swaying to a slow song that they really really like. Anyways, it was kind of depressing to see how small of an area 100 lbs of bricks will cover. Danny later came in with this truck and we moved the remaining 500ish pounds.

I love the Xtracycle. In a no pedaling race, I can get so aero that I can beat most anyone. I just sit on the wooden platform and go superman.

By the way, the Xtracycle is available for borrow if someone needs it for grocery shopping, moving, weddings, etc.

We heard more good news from Giant times 2. I can only tell one of them: we are listed on the giant website. When you search Denver, CO, Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop comes up first. Yeah! We don't have the bikes yet, but this is a good sign that they are on their way.

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