Thursday, September 28, 2006

Las Vegas and How

Vegas is exhausting.
Interbike is insane.

I have seen every production bike and part made for the US consumers to look at. It took miles of walking and lots of talking, but I feel pretty complete. The two companies that are making perfect stuff for Denver, in my opinion are:
Serfas - lots of new stuff coming for commuters and cyclists in general. They are bringing out lights for seeing, new pumps that can take lots of abuse and easy to use gloves that will save the famous ulna nerve.
Giant - so many nice bikes that fit the front range. I'll detail them on the website as it gets updated.

We are working on getting more Serfas in as soon as possible.

Awful and funny story, made as short as possible:
Smooth Marble and Split Pea Soup by Scott T.

I got off the bus at my stop to go back to the Golden Nugget (FANNNNCCY!!) and watched a woman, who was about 80, slip and fall. She fell like a person having a chair pulled out from under them. I mean this lady fell hard. HARD! She landed right on her arm. I and a few others ran over to help her up. She was absolutely fine. But, she had slipped on someone's vomit. I still haven't laughed yet. Oh, there I go.

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