Friday, January 09, 2009

Down Under

We stumbled upon this article of interest today:

Bike sales 38 per cent higher than car sales in 2008

Apparently in Australia, it goes a little something like this:

Economy bad.
Car sales bad.
Bike sales good.
Bike sales > Car sales

In America, we rarely see an article about a drive to work that is without incident, but a car crash is a whole different story!

The economy is a car crash with flames and kabooms.

Keep your eyes forward and don't rubberneck and we will all come out on the other side.


jimmyjam said...

I'd be interested to see the statistics for auto vs. bike sales in the US. Also, while I think it's fantastic that we're seeing more and more cyclists on the road, I have many concerns about the lack of education about cycling safety. A lot of cyclists don't know how to ride on the streets in traffic; and worse, auto drivers don't know how to react to cyclists because we all ride differently.

Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop said...

If you find out the US stats, please post them here! It is always interesting to see how cyclists react to different situations. Education will be key to both sides surviving the impending changes.