Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Petition to the President of these United States of America

The following undersigned would enjoy one (1) day per week of some sunshiny weather. Including, but not limited to one (1) day per month of above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Please make this change by 2/1/2008.

(Ready for summer) Pretty please,

Sal Vagetti Bicycle Workshop

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A guy walks into a bike shop

Sorry, it isn't a joke.
We are sponsoring a "team" this year:

*A mountain team.*

2 members of said "team" came in to the shop today. We began chatting about being in the mountains and experiencing the dirt and trees. All of us became rather desperate sounding as the talk went on. We want to ride. Soon.

But, we need the snow to stop. Do we need to write congress? Do we need to run our SUVs all day and night for accelerated Global Warming? Do we need to have a non-rain dance? Tell us; We'll do it. (I'm kidding, by the way, about the SUV thing... sort of).

When the time is right, we will be out there tearing it up and smiling the whole ride. This means we are going to try our damnedest to get a weekly/monthly group mountain ride together. I hope you will join us in the mountains when the time comes. Bring a snack, a friend and a good attitude and we will show you a great time. We'll let you know more as we know more.

Have fun!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Salvagetti Attire For All

Just in case you hadn't seen it. We have jerseys and socks. They are as nice as they get.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop is resolving to be more of a community hub for 2008. This means more activities and some actual sponsorships for riders (and maybe racers). It means we want to have fun with Denver and be an active part of positive growth. More exactly, this means that YOU need to make suggestions of what YOU want to do with us. There is no reason why we cannot make Denver what we always want(ed). Don't be afraid... Dave suggested a Chili Cookoff (Vegan and Meaty) with a sweet prize for the winner. We want to start a weekly mountain ride. You want us to start a bicycle polo club? You want us to start serving coffee out of the shop? You want us to give more stuff away for free? Tell us... we are all ears. Speak up...