Monday, November 17, 2008

It'll Change Your Life

One of our favorite faces around the store, Brendan, has turned into a cyclist. He loves it. He loves riding bicycles. It makes him feel whole again. But, I am paraphrasing here. He says it best all by himself.

This is a spoken word piece. It is 8 minutes of real bike love. You'll enjoy it. Unless, you are a bad person.

As a side note, Salvagetti was edited out of the story. We sold Nick the Black Steel Road Bike that made him so obsessive. We cannot take credit for anything else.


Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop said...

Brendan stopped by yesterday. With bad news.

His gifted red Trek has broken forever. The seat tube snapped just above the BB lug.

Joshua Barker said...

the timing of these events is pretty amazing. Unfortunate, but amazing.

Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop said...

Love hurts.

He already got a different frame. And now he has another story...

Cellarrat said...

A season for everything!

Bummer B! good stuff!