Monday, October 20, 2008

Public Transit

It is coming upon the time of year when we prove how (wo)manly we are. Snow and rain and cold and dampness.

With this, Google has announced a new search feature that should let a few of us avoid the car for a few more months, if not for the whole winter. It is called Google Transit:

Basically, you can put in your starting and ending location and it will tell you how to take the bus or walk. The key here is that it will be even faster if you ride your bike instead of walking, then load your bike up on the front or underneath the bus.

We tried a search for Denver to Nederland (which is an amazing place to ride bicycles). (When you get up there, check out the caboose by the bus station. Cool Bike Shop/ Coffee Shop. )

Try it out. Take the bus. Take your bike.

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