Monday, November 19, 2007

How to Get the Message Across

There is a communication gap in Denver and maybe all of America. That message gap is cars vs. bikes and the laws that pertain. Cyclists want equal share of the ability to transport on the streets. Cars want to not give up their convenience and "powers". Here is the catch. We need to develop a relationship between the car and bike, rather than develop a disconnect. A disconnect happens when you aren't clear with the other party and things continue to separate. So, I am trying a new thing (which is sort of working so far). I don't run red lights. I stop fully at stop signs. AND!!! I make fun of those who do run lights and stop signs. The message I want to get across is that bikes are human powered cars. If someone needs to pass me either on bike or in car, then I just let them. Not a big deal, just like on the highway.I rarely get a chance to drive. But, when I do I try to use the road rather than own it. 

My proposal is this: As the cycling community, let's send the message that we are part of the transportation of Denver and not the counter-transportation. Let's spread the word about the laws that pertain to cycling and to driving. Let's let the cars do what they need to do, so that they will, in turn, let us do what we need to do. 

{Also} I know that cars mess with cyclists constantly. It sucks. I also know that cars feel messed with when a cyclist passes them repeatedly at stop lights. Whether anyone likes it or not, it is so. 

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Brendan Leonard said...

Boy, you could argue this for days, it seems. I have always stopped at 4-way stops, because I think when you blow a stop sign in front of a driver when they have to stop, they see it as a real f-you. Plus, it creates confusion when someone like me stops, and the cars just sit there, waiting because they're surprised to see you obeying the laws. Also, on 12th, during heavy traffic, I just stay in line with the cars, since the stoplights are so short and my chances of getting through a red without creating an awkward situation are pretty slim. Same thing on Broadway and Lincoln. But man, when you're all alone, sitting at a red light on 12th and no cars are coming, the temptation is too much, sometimes ... did you know the Idaho state law says that cyclists only have to yield at stop signs and can also come to a complete stop and then run a red light?