Wednesday, October 03, 2007

2008 Jamis Sputnik (or what?)

We finally got a bunch of these bikes in. After the packaging finally hit the ground in our feverish unpacking, we were stunned. Not because it is beautiful, though it is. And not because it is burly, though it is. This years Sputnik is completely insanely light! It is less than 17 lbs. easy. And if you wanted to, you could lighted it up a bunch for absolutely no money. Just cut the bars down to little flat guys and rewrap for the ninja style bars. Jamis also put a different fork on the bike this year which dropped the weight and increased the feel (if you will) of the front end.

Take it to the track, take it down the bike path, take it on the bus and take it up some stairs. This bike is for pretty much everyone who likes nice bikes.

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Clayton said...

What are the differences in the fork other than weight and "feel"? I'm considering the sputnik, but wondering if I should go for the 2007 model at a discount (if i can find one) or the 2008 with an apparently lighter fork.