Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lately I've Been Thinking 'Bout Just Hittin' the Road

I get those lyrics in my head all the time. It is from a song called "Last Night/Tomorrow" by Urge Overkill. I wish they would've only put out Tomorrow. Anyways...

We had a fantastic Sunday Morning ride this week. Let me tell you why:
1. A bunch of great people showed up
2. We went to a fantastic restaurant (Gaia Bistro 1551 S. Pearl St.) where the coffee is "epic" and the food is outstanding
3. All of us were interviewed by a young woman from the newspaper, The Metropolitan. And we might just have changed her mind about owning a car (or atleast how she will use it) The article comes out this week, so who knows
4. Myra came along in her Giant Pea Pod, barking the ENTIRE time. She also jumped out when her carabiner bent and broke

If you didn't join us, you should this week. Again, we go slow, so don't count this as exercise. And you can wear lycra, but you may be the only one. We'll still love you though. Only wonderful people have shown up thus far, and that is something we plan on continuing.

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Skazat said...

This is at 8:00am on Sunday, meet at the workshop, correct? I may come with awesome friends in tow if I can get my lazy bones up in time.

Heck, I'll probably be at the shop before then with something broken, or to pick something else up.