Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Small Word of Warning to Cyclists

Prices are going up for 2009. We recently received our new Jamis and Giant catalogs. We have seen prices go up over the last few years, but never like this. It is partially from the cost of transport and partially from the increased cost of materials. Regardless, if you are thinking of buying a bike in the next few months, consider buying a 20008 sooner than a 2009 later. Some examples:

Jamis Aurora 2008 - $865 vs 2009 $1000
Giant OCR 1 2008 - $1100 vs Giant Defy 2009 $1300 (Same Bike)

Certain companies are keeping the prices the same (to fool consumers) while the quality is going down per dollar. Do your research and you will find that getting an older bike is more bike for the money.

The list of items going up in price goes on and on... the price of anything tires and tubes is going to be most noticeable. We haven't increased our prices yet because we got a warning of the future price increases. However, it is coming. If you know you need tubes, stock up now, even if it is for friends who aren't in the know.

Spread the truth, help out your friends. And the rest will become the norm, like $4 gas.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


(by scott t)

My friend EJ was hit by a car last night on a group ride in Colorado Springs, CO. He died.

A 64 year old woman was driving away from a grocery store at high speeds after allegedly stealing some stuff. She turned directly into EJ and one of his co-workers. She hit them head on and killed them instantly. They were on a group ride with several other people who all witnessed the entire event.

EJ was one of the most-fun-to-ride-with cyclists I have ever known and he will be missed severely.