Thursday, December 14, 2006

Built by Scott for Scott

Scott, the owner, built his first ever bike frame! It is made of butted steel and lugs, silver and brass. The frame has a 60cm top tube and seat tube and horizontal drops.It was designed by Chris from Generic Cycles, with Scott yelling all the while in the background to move this here and change that there, until... they came to an agreement about the geometry with a given fork (a carbon wrapped Cheapy).

Next thing you know the tubes are getting cut and filed, the lugs cleaned up and thinned and shaped. The jig that was used is a Blacksheep cycles exclusive that is easy to set up and maintain. After a few tweeks to the tubes, lugs, fork ends and jig brazing began.

Scott's minimal experience with a torch was seen immediately, hence the spots of extra silver here and there all over the lugs. The secret is to be good at welding apparently, which comes with practice.

After a few hours of fluxing and brazing, laughing and staring, there was a completed bicycle frame of a tiny bit over 4 lbs. What a breath-taking sight, a frame made by an amateur.

Anyways, once Scott gets off his high horse and builds up the bike, maybe he'll let you ride it. But, only after you sign a waiver...